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Tree Removal

Tree Removal

At Ponderosa, tree removal services are always performed in the safest manner possible with your home, security, and property in mind. We are fully equipped to handle most tree situations with the best tools and occasionally the assistance of a crane. With over 50 years of experience, we are experts in the field. From sophisticated rigging techniques and fast, efficient machinery, to fine cleanup, our tree removal service gets the job done! Our workers, your property, the property of others, and the public at large are fully insured with workers compensation, public liability, and property damage liability Insurance to give you the peace of mind you deserve as a Ponderosa Tree Service customer.

Ponderosa specializes in the removal of large trees in delicate surroundings, We go out of our way to ensure a safe, controlled tree removal while protecting the surrounding plants, hardscapes and structures. It is our standard procedure to cover all surfaces in the work area with tarps and plywood where necessary to prevent wear and tear on gates, siding, plants, and any other delicate objects. Not all tree removal services are equal!

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Tree Removal Service FAQs

Can we keep the wood for milling?

Milling is sometimes done onsite or at fixed-location mills. Ponderosa Mill Works in Oakland has an abundance of options and products for your review.

Can we keep the wood for firewood?

When firewood is desired, please alert your arborist so proper-sized material is left for your use. Splitting of the wood is often done as soon as possible, so be prepared. Mechanical wood splitters are commonplace at most rental yards in order to ease the task.

Who does clean-up and disposal of all the wood and debris?

Unless otherwise instructed, our goal is to remove and dispose of all material created during our pruning and tree removal projects.

Can you make sure my neighbor’s yard is clean when you’re done?

Assuming access permission is granted in advance we will also clean your neighbor’s property of any debris our project created.

What can be done about our stumps?

With the proper equipment, most stumps can be eradicated. Careful consideration should be given to the disruption stump removal can create versus the erosion control benefit of leaving stumps in place. Once again, aesthetics often enter the conversation, as well as future use of the area with or without the stump presence. Also note that certain species of trees will resprout from stumps, e.g. Eucalyptus, Acacia, and Redwood to name a few. Sometimes resprouting can be beneficial, so please consult with your arborist.