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Cabling & Bracing

Cabling & Bracing

Ponderosa Tree Service provides tree cabling and bracing services. Tree cabling and bracing should always be a last-resort option, however, in many cases where safety and scaffold limb preservation are priorities for our clients, cabling can aid in bracing the tree when pruning options alone are inadequate. Tree cabling should always be done in conjunction with pruning to reduce weight first.

Every tree situation is different, and species vary in wood hardness and decay resistance. Different hardware is tailored for each specific application. Some hardwood trees can be braced with lag bolts; some softer or decayed woods require through-bolt installation. We use standard extra high strength (EHS) cable with tree grip connectors and thimbles to guard the “eye”. Cable size varies with the estimated load stresses that we determine. At Ponderosa Tree Service, we gauge the height of the tree, the wood girth of the branch, limb length, and mechanical dynamics to properly engineer the positioning of the cable bracing system. All cable bracing systems require periodic follow-up maintenance inspections.

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Tree Cabling & Bracing Service FAQs

Can our tree be saved using any of these techniques?

After a thorough inspection and diagnosis of overall health, it will be determined which appropriate measures are most likely to improve potential points of failure.

Is the required hardware included in the price?

Our price quotes will include all labor and hardware required to accomplish the task.

Does the installation damage the tree?

When done properly the tree will sustain minimal damage which is offset by the improved risk reduction.

Are follow-up inspections necessary?

Periodic inspections of existing cabling should be done for safety and effectiveness and starts with visual inspection from the ground. If concerns arise, climbing may be required for closer, more thorough assessment.