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Pruning is performed for three primary reasons: Heath, safety, and aesthetics. Our arborists listen closely to your concerns and formulate plans specifically tailored to your tree’s health care needs.

Health: Assess potential problems and suggest comprehensive plans for tree health improvement. Often this will involve assessing and possible excavation of root crown (a common source of problems where dirt builds up and causes decay) trimming out dead limbs, thinning to prevent limb loss, and in some cases more substantial “integrated pest management”

Safety: Evaluate potential problems such as limb weight and tree imbalance. Formulate a plan to address safety while preserving tree health. In most cases, branch end weight reduction is the best course, but thinning, cabling, guying, supporting, and bolting are all possible courses of action.

Aesthetics: Often this falls under the category of “elective surgery” and does not by definition improve tree health. Our goal is to address your aesthetic needs while preserving the vibrancy of your tree. Size management, sunlight for your garden (or solar panels) shaping to preserve screen, thinning, deadwood, and sucker growth removal are just some of the reasons for aesthetic pruning.

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