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Tree Service Cost

It is very difficult to provide an accurate estimate without seeing the job site. Most jobs have many variables which must be considered. Our goal is to provide the most accurate information on the first try.

Factors that Determine the Costs of Tree Service

Geographic Location:

Since tree care work involves large trucks and heavy machinery the distance of travel must be considered as all employees are being paid during the travel time.

Property Access:

Front yard tree work is vastly easier than backyard especially when slopes are involved and large quantities of brush and/or wood needs to be removed.

Proximity to Structures:

Houses, garages, ADU’s and neighbors buildings are all critical in defining the available space to create the necessary work zone.

Garden Plants/Landscaping:

Plant protection can be very important to the clients.

Hardscape/Decks/Shade Covers:

Once again anything in the work zone can be important to protect.

Solar Panels:

Technically challenging if the rooftop panels are in the lowering zone of the project.


Protection is a must if skylights are near the work zone.

Tree Size and Species:

All trees have unique characteristics with some being much easier and faster to remove than others but trunk diameter is always exponential to the labor required.

Crane Access:

Anytime we can reach trees with a crane it is to everyone’s benefit as labor is significantly reduced minimizing the risk of injury.

Quantity of trees on the property:

Economies of scale can be very helpful once the client has already paid the travel time of the crew. Customers should get as much done as possible in a single visit for the most economical outcome.

Wood Disposal:

For many years we would leave the logs cut into pieces (rounds) for the homeowners to process for firewood. These days are gone with the burning of wood often considered as a major contributor to particulate matter pollution typically frowned upon if not entirely illegal. Every city has different rules but wood stays vs. wood goes is always a factor especially on large removals.


Every community has different rules and regulations which could cost several hundred dollars in application fees.

Cooperative Neighbors:

Often a project can be much less expensive if egress through a neighbors property is approved.

Parking Restrictions/Signage:

Access for large trucks, wood chippers and cranes can be difficult in most urban settings thereby requiring posting of “No Parking” signage in advance in order to reserve necessary space for the project.

Utility Wires:

High voltage and other utility wires (telephone, internet, cable tv etc…) can vastly change the difficulty of any project.

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